Track Time like a Boss.

For consultants and service companies. For those, who track - daily, weekly, multiple or only a few tasks and even offline.

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Inside the machine

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Offline and online. Your app will automatically synchronize your time that is tracked offline.

Custom reports with Google Sheets. You don't need another admin panel - generate summaries, integrate sheets, create beautiful graphs and automate with Google Scripts.

Bulk task editing. Add/Edit/Delete many tasks with a single command - Add your 2 weeks holidays with one action!

Automation. Automate every repeatable task as a manager with Google Sheets on your backend side.

Web, desktop and mobile apps. Simplest, smallest and most intuitive time tracking app for everybody.

Open API. Integrate Runzeit with any system you currently use - HR, Jira, you name it.


We're in BETA. The seats number is limited to 10 customers.